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Carla did an exceptional job on all aspects of this home sale transaction, from reviewing comps, advertising, negotiating, and closing. I especially appreciate Carla sending me information and documents by e-mail or text, since I no longer live in the immediate area. She also went the extra mile to get the roof replaced prior to closing. Carla was also very friendly, professional, and informative in all of our interactions. I highly recommend Carla.

—Dan Bernert -Placerville

Additional Testimonials

Carla was very personable and persistent in representing me and my concerns in completing this transaction, in a timely manner. Her extensive knowlege assisted in making decisions I normally would struggle with. Because of Carla's expertise in real estate, I received the best value and home for me and my family

— M Kho
  /  September 2017

Carla represented me in a sale of a home in Placerville. Carla was very friendly, professional, and informative in all our interactions. I also appreciate that she would e-mail or text me important information and documents, since I no longer live in the immediate area. Carla did a fantastic job in all aspects of this transaction from reviewing comps, to advertising the property, to negotiating with the buyer's agent, to closing. During closing, against all odds, she was able to coordinate a new roof installation prior to closing. I highly recommend Carla.

—Dan Bernert
  /  August 2017

Carla was amazing . She promptly and very kindly answered all my questions responded very quickly to any concerns I had . She was willing to drive me to Modesto to deal with tax issues , met with me at homes more than once just so I could do a quick go through again without any hesitation on her part . She makes you feel like you just made a friend for life. We were blessed to have her as our agent. I would not only recommend her to anyone I know looking to buy a home but also for ourselves and our venture towards buying rentals. We couldn't have been more pleased with her .

—Julia White
  /  August 2017

We would highly recommend Carla as a knowledgeable realtor for your home buying or selling experience. She is patient, motivated, and very experienced in the real estate market. Carla knows how to work with other agents as well as lenders to make the home buyers feel at ease. Carla takes the pressure off the buyers or sellers and makes the experience feel like a breeze. If there were any hick ups within our buying experience Carla dealt with them. She is a huge contribution to the real estate market and shows her knowledge of the ever changing market by staying ahead of the change. She educates herself and is very familiar with the areas in which she works. We had a great experience and would recommend Carla to anyone who wants a motivated and knowledgeable real estate agent who will go above and beyond for you!

—Andy & Cassi Poreider
  /  August 2017

I will start this by saying that regardless of what I write, it will be an understatement of how outstanding Carla Ferrante is at her job, and the wonderful person she is. My wife and I wanted to buy our first home, we both worked and we both wanted our own home but that was about the total of our real estate knowledge. My wife and I had decided on a property that interested us but the seller wanted to do a sale by owner and did not want to deal with any agent period. The property had been in the family for more than 60 years and the seller wasn't about to share any portion of the sale with anyone, we had no real estate experience though so I convinced the seller that I needed help, at a bear minimum, to ensure that the entire transaction would be performed legally, and meeting all regulations, enter Carla Ferrante. Carla is such a wonderful person coupled with extensive experience and a thorough understanding of real estate that she was able to work with this very difficult seller to the point that the seller finally realized she too needed a professional to perform the transaction properly. Carla took on that responsibility ProBono (for free) she should have been paid as a duel agent, but this seller was not having any of that. Carla knew how excited my wife and I were to get into our own home and she bent over backwards to make the sale a reality. The sale was not easy, I had a terrible broker that Ran Carla crazy, a supper difficult seller, and a very old property that required multiple inspections and repairs prior to sale. There is absolutely no way I or the seller could have accomplished this transaction on our own. Carla really stepped up and took care of all of it without burdening my family or the seller, she also negotiated a very attractive deal for us while also satisfying the seller, in fact she negotiated such a great deal for us that there was plenty of room for my wife and I to realize a significant profit in a very short time as our family grew. If you are considering any type of real estate transaction, Carla Ferrante is who you need and want on your team. After all was said and done, Carla had worked so hard for us, for literally less than half of what she should have earned, going way above and beyond to close this deal, I cannot bring myself to belittle our relationship to business, Carla is our friend. Her caring and compassionate handling of our transaction is such a rarity in today's business world it was so refreshing to do business with someone who will put the customer first. Carla is a true professional, a great person, and with us now a good friend. If you are reading this, do yourself a favor and give your business to Carla Ferrante, then just sit back and wait, by the time your transaction close

— Michael Douglas
  /  July 2017

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